Learn tech Sales.

Get hired fast. 

Tech Sales Guide is an online certification that helps college students land high-paying sales jobs at the world’s best tech companies.

Curriculum designed to get you hired!

We asked hiring managers at top tech companies what skills they look for in candidates and then designed our guide to help you master them.

Inbound Qualification

Lead qualification: prospecting, time management, how to run discovery calls, the science of sales, conversational marketing

Solution Selling

Active listening, mirror & matching, setting the stage with questions, becoming a trusted advisor

Outbound Prospecting

Multi-channel outreach, leaving effective voicemails, crafting persuasive emails, objection handling

Modern Sales Tools

Salesforce, Outreach, LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Zoom, Drift, Slack, Streak

Landing your dream job.

Resume writing, conference networking, content marketing, social media presence, interview prep

Hear from the experts!

Setting up informational coffee meetings is brutal. Watch over 20 interviews with top sales executives from Silicon Valley tech companies.

  • Finding the right company
  • Interview process
  • Day in the life as a salesperson at a tech company

Learn by doing.

Learn to qualify, prospect, and build a repeatable sales process.

Learn the sales tech stack. Know the software tools you’ll use on the job before you even apply!

Build your sales portfolio.

We asked hiring manager’s what they wanted and we help you deliver.  Complete start-to-finish sales case studies and build a portfolio of work before ever starting your job. 

Land your dream job!

Students completing our program are landing SDR roles in half the time around an average of $70,000 on target pay!

“I had 3 offers from Silicon Valley tech companies before graduating!”

The Tech Sales Guide case studies made the decision much easier for the hiring managers. It showed my commitment to sales and what I’m capable of!

Jason Cruz


Frequently asked questions by our customers!

What does your company do exactly?

Tech Sales Guide is an online certification that helps college students land high-paying sales jobs at the world’s best tech companies. Developed by sales people from top Silicon Valley companies, the guide helps students master the fundamentals of modern tech sales (Google, Salesforce, Oracle…)

I don't have any sales experience. Will your guide be helpful?

Most entry level sales jobs are looking for signs of sales talent, not just experience. A college job as a waiter can be just as meaningful as a manager role.

I have already worked in sales. Will this guide be helpful?

Experienced students have saved years of struggle by accelerating their development with help from our guide. 

I don't think I really need the training. Is this worth it?

Taking our training program and doing the case studies allows you to vouch for your skills with top companies.  Think of this as another step to getting hired faster and making more money.

How long does it take to work through the entire guide?

On average, customers complete the guide in about 20 hours over a 1 month period. We’ve done the hard part of curating the most important information you need to know to save you time. 

Ready to get started?